Thursday, May 28, 2015

We Love Our Local Artists!

               Orange Olive was established in 2008 with a love of design and creativity in the foreground. Being in a 100+ year old mill house lends itself naturally to charm, and we wanted to honor the history of the space we are in by complementing it with antique and modern design.Being a part of the arts district of Charlotte, we have continued to take pride in the culture surrounding this city through display of its talented local artists.
                Four times a year, Orange Olive looks forward to opening its doors to the public, serving the community beverages, snacks, and a night of art. Currently, we are hosting and selling pieces by five local artists: Missy Mace, Cat Babbie, Katie Watson, Sarah Doedtman, and Brandon David Henrie. Each artist on display has something unique to their process and concept:

Missy studied art and painting at UNCC before realizing her love was in the craft of jewelry. She uses beautiful beads, rare materials, and miscellaneous leathers and metals to create one-of-a-kind pieces, put together by work of her two hands. Her business, Blue Jane, has taken off over the past few years, and her craftsmanship and keen eye for detail has made it happen.

Cat started her online store after she realized that what she loved doing for herself and as a hobby, could also make others happy. We are proud to help such a free-spirited, fun loving gal display her hand-made leather cuffs, but her work doesn’t stop there. Her business, Cat Babbie Makes, can be found online (click link to view) with available items such as purses, felted cocoons, and other little gems she has to offer.

Katie is an English teacher in Charlotte and gets her inspiration from her religious beliefs, family, surroundings, and explorations of her feelings. She uses paint on canvas to display streaks, dashes, dots, and blends of different pigments which give representation of her inner self. Her palette ranges from deep strokes to pastel wisps and splashes of exploratory movement. Her paintings look fabulous on our walls, and would work well in any space, for anyone with an eye for a good piece of art!

Sarah’s scarves are made uniquely—she doesn’t even use tools. There’s no need for needles or crochet hooks with this gal; Sarah uses her arms and hands to knit these beautiful neck decorations, each one different than the last. Her business is called Knotted and can be found online as well, showing her talent through all her unique, fashionable statement scarves. No two are alike, but they are all wonderful.


Brandon conceptualizes his pieces through his ideas of hierarchy, hypocrisy, and irony. His fine art pieces display characteristics of fine materials, beautiful lines, with a juxtaposition of a usually “negative” or “distasteful” image or display. While talking about his work to Orange Olive, he said, “I contemplate contradictions that reside between the tasteful and the tawdry to create arguably elegant objects and installations that oscillate between good and bad taste.” His framed works are simply elegant, displaying floral lines and gold leaf next to skulls and other images. His work can be viewed here.

                We love our current artists and are excited to see more of their work and meet new artists in the area! Everyone is invited to recommend local talent to our salon—we would love to see your work!

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