Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Service at Orange Olive!

Threading has been used in Eastern countries for centuries, though it is fairly new to the Western world. Its origin is thought to be based in the Middle East and South Asia, spreading to China and now other areas of the world.

Since threading has recently made its way into the US, aesthetician training does not incorporate it into their teachings. The majority of those practicing this technique have brought their craft from their native countries, where they learned it through traditional practices. Sejal, our Threader here at Orange Olive, has learned her technique from Indian practices and she has been doing it for almost thirty years! Her love for threading started when she was a young girl, admiring her sisters’ practice of the technique. Her passion has grown throughout the years, as well as her precise skill, enabling her to perform nearly sixty brow threads in a day at her recent position. She also offers upper lip and full face threading. Orange Olive is ecstatic to have this talented new addition to the family!
In addition to time efficiency, threading has other benefits. While waxing can cause skin irritation, discomfort, or redness due to possible skin layer loss, threading has none of these side effects! The hair is still removed from the root, which makes the hair grow back thinner, finer, and at a slower rate. This technique is all natural, as well. Because it is all natural and does not cause irritation, it is suitable for sensitive skin and is a dermatologist-recommended service, even for those on skin treatment medication.

This efficient, safe, healthy method of hair removal is making a move through the country and will be taking over the NoDa area at Orange Olive! Come see Sejal for your threading services by calling 704-334-2229 today!

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