Friday, January 24, 2014

NAHA photo shoot 2014 "Grunge Chic"

Orange Olive has always been dedicated to being on top of the trends, but in 2012, we really began to focus on editorial projects outside the salon, participating in photo shoots, hair shows and fashion events. We felt this would help us expand our context and see what's going on out there first hand. Meeting new, interesting characters inspires us, introduces a fresh source of motivation, and challenges us on another level. We love what we do, LOVE it; but creative minds need stimulation and diversity to fuel the passion. Photo shoots are an excellent way for us to meet these needs and keep the evil monotony monster at bay. They have quickly become a new infatuation of ours that we are eager to explore further. It also helps to keep things fresh behind the chair and ensure our clients are not getting bored. (After all, we do realize the monotony monster does not only attack stylists...)

We are very excited to have just completed our second NAHA photo shoot which is a national competition for submission to the North American Hairstyling Awards. This is one of the (if not THE most) prestigious awards in our industry. Last year, the Orange Olive Hair Gallery submitted our "Dark Glamour" collection under the team category and traveled to Vegas in July where the winners were announced. It was very exciting and we plan to attend again this year.

Dark Glamour
2013 NAHA shoot with Jonathan Hutchings 

Did you know that Charlotte's own Katy Albright went home as the winner of this award in the make-up artist of the year category in 2013? How delightful to see someone so young and talented recognized on a national stage this way. We have been shooting at the same studio that Katy worked  at last year to transform her model for this competition. Congratulations Katy!

 Having the right team is always important, but for a project like this, its crucial. We feel very fortunate and grateful to have once again collaborated with photographer Jonathan Hutchings who has been nothing short of amazing, and his equally talented wife Hannah, who provided wardrobe design for our shoot this year. What a great duo! Not to mention that we totally struck make up artist gold when Kymm McLean, signed on... She truly brought the concept to life with her art. Its fantastic to work with people who are just so full of zest for their craft; they do their job effortlessly, with little direction and just seem to get it. Now we see what the fuss is all about with this gal! We look forward to spending more time with Kymm in the salon this coming year as we have discussed having her hold customized in house educational sessions for continuing education credits as well as to help us advance our own cosmetic application skills! 
"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle" James Keller
Kymm with models is the prep room
Kymm McLean

Stylist Destyn was in charge of conceptualizing and directing this year's shoot, which meant many of the decisions were her responsibility; a heavy task she may have been initially unprepared for, but in the end stepped up to the challenge and conquered. This type of project, while fun, can also be a lot of pressure. The bar for NAHA is set very high and unifying a team of 6+ opinionated stylists, a make up artist, assistants, models, wardrobe, and photographer to share in a collective vision can be a challenge. Destyn's low key nature was tested during this process, but the twenty two year old handled her first time in this position brilliantly. The Grunge Chic collection represents her introverted yet  intentional style and has a feel she resonates with, though she admits it all evolved somewhat from her original vision for the shoot. It was fun to watch Destyn's process. And the result; not overstated, but definite points of interest and curiosity; a duality we strove to explore and express in our images. She was inspired by the effortlessness of the Marc Jacobs brand but added her own edge. We wish we could share the final images with you here and now, but because of the sensitive nature of this competition, we must wait until July to release them. Until then, enjoy the behind the scenes shots we are able to snag. We'll keep you posted and please wish us luck in the team entry!

Cassie doing a test shoot with Jonathan Hutchings
(testing lighting, backdrops and posing)

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