Monday, December 2, 2013

Recycling and Fabulous Hair Collide

We are passionate about many things.  Hair, you, our families to name a few.  One thing you may not have known about? Sustainability.  We were excited and honored to have recently been rewarded the 2013 Mecklenburg County Wipe Out Waste Ambassador Award.  It’s a mouthful, we know, but check out the video below, we would love for you to join us in our mission!
Feeling inspired?  Here are some simple ways we can partner together:
·         Let local businesses know that they can drop off their recycling at Orange Olive.
·         Have a friend that’s looking to chop off their lovely locks?  Besides giving them a magnificent new style, if their hair that we are cutting is 8 inches in length and chemical free, we will send it off to Pantene or Locks of Love and they will make it into wigs for cancer patients.
·         When you have used the last of your Davines, recycle it and use it in your kitchen as the bottles are food grade.  Or, bring it in for a refill on your favorite product and save 10%.
 Why wipe out waste together?  Because it’s the right thing to do and it means many more tomorrows of fabulous hair.

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