Friday, May 10, 2013

Trending: Androgyny & Side Sweeps

The other night was a HUGE event- the 2013 Met Ball Costume Gala in NYC, where celebrities took the 'PUNK: Chaos to Couture' theme to a whole new level. While everyone had their own unique looks, A-listers embraced 2 big hair trends that made themselves apparent that night: Androgynous and side swept waves. Take a look at some of our favorite hits and misses from the Met Gala.

HIT: Anne Hathaway
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Actress Anne Hathaway took her cropped locks to a new high by going bleach blonde.

MISS: Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus stood out for all the wrong reasons with this spiky do.

HIT: Brooklyn Decker
photo credit: abcnews.go
Actress, Brooklyn Decker effortlessly mixes punk with class.

MISS: Nicole Richie
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While we can appreciate the effort, Nicole Richie wound up looking like a tan q-tip in this updo. 

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